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Sensilla Candles Love Christmas

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Sensilla loves x’mas and all festivities leading up to end-of-the-year celebration. It’s a season of giving and appreciation to those whom we love and share with us our memories in the past year.

Candle has been used for thousands of years and it has its own association with Christmas. Carols by candlelight services are when the church is only lit by candles. Candles are used as symbolisms of life, love and hold many meaning in different religious ceremonies. Whether you celebrate Christmas or simply having families get-together during the new year celebration, this is the time of year to celebrate all the love in the world and the new beginning. So I encourage you to accent your home with Sensilla candles this year and create that warm fuzzy feelings.


Another thing I love about this time of the year and the longer day light and all the lovely handcraft markets (weekends and twilight!) that pop up around town! There are even more choices for you all to shop handmade and buy locally made products. This keeps my biz and fellow small biz alive and supports sustainability in the Australian economy. If you can, I encourage you to shop small this x’mas.

I have released this year x’mas limited edition candles and all the x’mas inspired fragrances for you to explore. I love mixing up new scents and all the X’mas fragrances give me that warm fuzzy feeling (and the thought of plum pudding!). This year we release red signature canisters and x’mas mini trio candle sets (if you can’t choose so you have a set of three!).


Thank you for shopping small this Christmas!


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