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The top 5 best candle fragrances for your wedding

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Sensilla Candles have, in the past few years, provided scented soy candles for intimate weddings. We thought we would give you a little guide to picking the right fragrance for your intimate wedding.


After a long checklist of things to do and decide on, people often forget about the little details that can easily transform your event from being a great event to an unforgettable one. Scent is a powerful memory trigger, we all know that. But sometimes it is easy to forget to add this finishing touch to the event organisation list-to-do.


Sensilla CandlesSensilla Candles



First thing is what is the “theme” of your wedding? Again, you may not think have one but the one thing that will tell you what kind of themed event you are having is the selection of your flowers and bouquets. Do you mostly pick tropical flowers? luscious greens? native Australian flowers? pink roses? red orchids? or you prefer not to have one but opt to have a donut wall instead? This will give us a hint of what kind of mood we are setting for your special day. We can certainly amplify this mood to the next level by adding beautiful fragrances at your ceremony and then at the reception. Guests can also take home that particular scent that will bring back memory of your special day.



The top 5 best wedding candle fragrances to consider are:

Australian Forest : Our most requested fragrance for the winery, outback, industrial and rustic weddings. This fragrances reminisces Australian native flowers with a hint of eucalyptus, lemon myrtle, pine, sandalwood. A cooling fragrances with a bit of freshness from the lemon myrtle which will not overpower the feel and the scenery of your chosen venue.


Champagne & Strawberry : This is a fun, sweet scent to have! Most will like this fragrance but it will accentuate the fun & relaxed atmosphere of your wedding. Perfect for the whimsical, casual, wedding.  If you are having a donut wall or chocolate fountain at your wedding. This is the perfect match!


Amber & Patchouli : A sensual and complex scent to have for the sense of sophistication. A match for romantic & modern wedding. This fragrance is a complex floral scent with hints of peony, bergamot, aniseed and amber. Perfect remisnisce of your wedding decorated with roses, peony, jasmine, and orchids.


Sandalwood :  Suitable for all events, especially formal and traditional weddings. This scent will not go out of place when lit at the church or those having a small family ceremony at home. This is a warm and gentle scent and will give you a sense of peace and contentment.


Coconut & Lime : Our absolute best seller. You can’t go past this one if you are having a beach / tropical wedding. This coconut filled goodness will be a match made in hand with your bare feet glamour and pina coladas.


Sensilla CandlesSensilla Candles

A few more tips to choosing the perfect scented candles for your events are to choose a gentler fragrance for the reception. I know some of you love strong scented candles but having strong scented candles while you are eating may not suit all the guests. The top fragrances listed are perfect for use during the ceremony and the reception. You may opt to have candles burning at the ceremony and then have the same fragrance made as bonbonnieres for guests to take home. Can you imagine walking into the ceremony venue with the perfect fragrances filling the room and the glowing lights of the candles? It’s MAGICAL!



We do wedding consultation and will work with you to choose the right mood for your event!


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