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Sensilla Candles love to wake up and smell the coffee

Sensilla Candles

Sensilla Candles stall at the market always have a container of coffee beans for those who visited and many have asked us ‘why?’.  After sniffing Oh-So-Many candles at our stall, some will suffer from a condition called “olfactory fatique” or “olfactory adaptation“. This condition is described by the symptom that our ability to detect odours decreases dramatically after constant stimulation of particular odourants. Although still controversial, some believe that sniffing coffee beans can help resetting your sense of smell. After reviewing evidences of those for and against the usefulness of smelling coffee beans, I still believe that having a bit of a break from smelling and alternating between scents of different base notes are the best cure! (although smelling coffee beans which contain over 100 chemical compounds and over 27 different chemical odorants may just be the break needed for those who have sniffed over 15 different scents available at our stalls!).


This belief is still a myth and as per usual, more studies are needed. So, believing this or not, we will continue to have coffee beans available at our stalls! simply because we love INHALING, DRINKING, LOOKING, and BE INVIGORATED by coffee :). If you feel the same about coffee, get our “freshly roasted coffee beans fragrant soy candle” to help getting you through the day :D.


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