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Sensilla Candles believe in the science of smell

Sensilla comes from a scientific name to describe sensory organ (including odor detection) in arthropods. I pick this name not only because it sounds pretty but also it has got scientific meaning that demonstrates the essentiality of animals’ sense of smell in everyday living.

Human has a pretty good sense of smell and it affects us more than we care to admit. We can use this information to create our sanctuary space that could affect your moods. During stressful time or hard working week, use this knowledge and trick your brain to relax in the mist of chaos by adding your favorite fragrances to the bedroom or office. Adding food/sweets scented candles to the open house will create warm and welcome ambience and could create this strong link between your house and the feeling of buyers when they enter the home.

Ultimately, all of us have varying degrees of sensitivity to different chemicals in odour. It is fair to say that we all have very unique sense of smell and one fragrance can smell completely different to different individuals. It is the most unique thing and we expresse ourselves everyday, not only with the clothes that you wear but also your perfume, scented body cream, shampoo, cologne or deodorant. We also choose to surround ourselves with the smells that resonate with us. It can be said that we are addicted to smell!

The links below are interesting reads if you would like to know more about how the smells affect our brain.


Sensilla has many different products to use in different areas at home. And because we know the importance of home that smells like you!, we have varieties of different choices to suit YOU! Whether you like natural essential oils or prefer scented soy candles, we’ve got it covered!

Frosted glass diffuser
Frosted glass diffuser


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