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Sensilla Candles is popping up at West Elm Chadstone

soy candles melbourne

Sensilla Candles is doing a pop up at West Elm Chadstone on the weekend of 13/14 May. Perfect timing of a Mothers’ Day.

West Elm provides luxurious homewares and furnitures with the vision to promote sustainability, support local community and the local small businesses. They have this great program that supports local makers & creators. When I received an email from West Elm, I was over the moon to be working with them! Our business visions align and I am a big believer in small businesses supporting each other. I am thrilled also to have a chance to meet my new customers at Chadstone!

Come and meet me (or my helper) during that weekend and smell our lovely soy candles. I have been prepping in full swing for the big weekend and I cannot wait to see you all! I will be popping in and out at West Elm and other markets during that weekend.

Check out our listing on their website HERE.


Choose quality, choose Sensilla Candles