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Sensilla Candles is at MBS Melbourne

Sensilla Candles Crystal Diffusers

Sensilla Candles at Mind Body and Spirit Melbourne!


Not long to go until our first exhibition with the Mind Body Spirit Festival! This year, entry will be free for all visitors (just register your name here or at the front door). If you have not been to the festival before, this is a great time to visit and see what’s on offer.

We care about looking after the mind and well-being that is one of the reasons why we think this festival is a great opportunity to connect with all our wonderful customers who care about looking after their well-being and lifestyle. All this starts at your home. When the atmosphere at home is homey, intimate and relaxed, we feel at ease and completely enter our comfort zone. Sense of smell is a major contributor to creating the homely feels and surrounds. When people enter our home, they can sense our hospitality and our personality through their own sense of smell as well as visually. It is with this in mind that we would like to invite you all to express yourself and explore your own senses! Our soy candles are made from 100% soy wax, which mean they are good for the environment and much cleaner to burn at home.

Follow your nose to Sensilla Candles stand C27. we will be running promotions and special offer throughout the entire three days so make sure you pop by to see us!

We are very proud of our own creations of the natural crystal stone diffusers and will be bringing the full range there. Combination of spiritual and beautiful natural stones with divine fragrances are carefully matched to create harmonious energy and atmosphere at your home. Bring your friends and family to the festival to explore



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