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Electric Diffuser/Vaporiser

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Ultra Sonic Diffusers are a perfect way to scent your home without a flame or heat, they run on a vibration system which creates a mist that scents the air. Electric diffusers that work so quietly vaporising mist of your favourite Sensilla signature essential oil blends. Each unit comes with a free bottle of Sensilla essential oil blend.


Use with our luxurious essential oils or fragrance diffuser oils and create mist and fragrance to help enhance health and mood. Two mist modes, 7 LED colors, an Auto Shut-off feature, and 100 ml capacity make it easy to create a soothing environment.

The diffuser automatically turns off after 3 -4 hours (or runs intermittent mode for 7 hours) or when the water runs dry. You have the freedom to set the colors or leave it on color changing mode.

The units should be given a quick clean out with a paper towel after each use to remove any residue.