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Limited Release Melts – Turkish Delight

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The sweetness of floral rosewater mixed with sugar, malt and a hint of vanilla will fill your house with that lovely yummy scent that is so addictive!


Try our turkish delight soy melts available for a limited time!. Each melt pack has 6 cubes and each cube lasts for up to 10 hours so each pack will give you over 60 hours of aromatic hours.

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Soy melts can be used on traditional oil burners or electric oil burners. Just pop one cube on to the top plate and watch it melts & smell the awesome scent!

Once all the scent has been released in to the air, you can discard the wax (once cooled) and pop new cube on the oil burner dish. The best way to remove the used wax is to place your dish with the old wax (when harden, cooled), into the freezer for a couple of seconds, the wax will then be able to be removed easily from the dish.